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Q: Why advertise with WSC?
A: The WSC blog started in 2007 and has consistently brought in hundreds of unique visitors everyday. WSC visitors tend to stay and explore the 2,000+ posts that have been cataloged since the beginning.

Q: Isn't this blog only about baseball cards?
A: The main topic of this blog is baseball cards, but topics have ranged from pop culture and sports to humor and music and a whole variety of topics in between.

Q: Is your business right for WSC advertising?
A: WSC does usually maintain a PG-13 type of atmosphere. Adults and children both enjoy the blog. Your business typically should fit within the scope of the blog and its audience. WSC will entertain any advertising offers, but it will usually turn down advertising geared towards the over 21 crowd and gambling.

Q: What types of advertising does WSC offer?
A: WSC has done sidebar links (text and picture), which are shown on every single page, and text links within the content of a single post. WSC is willing to listen to any idea for types of advertising.

Q: How much is this going to cost?
A: That all depends on what type of advertising you are looking for. Have a price in mind, when you contact WSC, and have an idea on how long you want the advertising up. WSC will work with your company to provide the best option for your price range.

Q: How does WSC accept payment?
A: PayPal only.

Q: We've worked everything out. What happens now?
A: As soon as payment has posted, your advertisement will go up. It will be taken down when the agreed upon length of time is finished.

Q: What if I want to keep the advertisement up?
A: Simply renew at anytime before your advertisement is scheduled to end.

Q: How do I contact WSC?
A: E-mail your proposal and any questions to FMercury39@aol dot com (replace dot with .)

WSC has shared many successful advertising ventures with various companies over the past few years. WSC would like to help your business grow.

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